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Fevre Dream
George R. R. Martin
A THRILLING REINVENTION OF THE VAMPIRE NOVEL BY THE MASTER OF MODERN FANTASY, GEORGE R. R. MARTIN  Abner Marsh, a struggling riverboat captain, suspects that something’s amis...

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Fevre Dream, by George RR Martin

Considering it's a vampire novel, I didn't expect to learn so much about steamboats.

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Fevre Dream, by George R. R. Martin

It’s a vampire novel set in the 1850s along the Mississippi River. GRRM is actually a fantastic horror writer, which I found out with The Pear Shaped Man. This novel is really exciting and intricate. He put just as much soul, twists, and food descriptions in to Fevre Dream as he does with A Song of Ice and Fire series. He makes 1850s steamboat life seem so much more interesting than I could’ve imagined.

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I finally finished up Pachinko, by Min Jin Lee, which I ended up enjoying! A simple, but well-told, story of one family's history and them trying to make the best of some bad situations. The story struck a good balance of bittersweet- sometimes things didn't work out for this family, but it made the moments when things did work out even better.

I have yet to start anything new this week because of visiting family and prep for the holiday, but my next planned reads are Spinning Silver, by Naomi Novik and Fevre Dream, by George R.R. Martin. And perhaps something nonfiction!

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This week I finished Spinning Silver, by Naomi Novik, which I enjoyed a lot! She did a great job of adapting the fairy tale and making it into a new story, and infusing the world she created with a sense of magic a mystery. I was also afraid that she was going to shoehorn in a love triangle or romantic subplot, so I was pleased how everything turned out in that respect. My only criticism is that some of the different characters’ narrative voices could have been a little more unique or differentiated a little better, but overall I really liked this one.

I also started reading Fevre Dream, by George R.R. Martin which I’m liking so far. I’m enjoying Martin’s style and the characters and the story, but maybe the book seems to be more tired than it actually is because I’ve seen the “vampires in the South” trope done a few times by now. The steamboat angle is cool, though, and I think (hope) that the narrative is going to take a turn into some new territory soon. Definitely going to finish it though because I love vampire stories!

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I finished Fevre Dream, by George RR Martin It was an okay read. It dragged a bit when steamboats were described in great detail and the captain's obsession with it. Overal the setting and the historic atmosphere was really well done and paints a good picture around the 1850's Mississippi river.

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Fevre Dream, by George R.R. Martin

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Fevre Dream, by George R. R. Martin.

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This week I finished Fevre Dream, by George R. R. Martin. It started off kind of slow and “tired” feeling, but definitely improved after Joshua gives his backstory and you learn more about what’s going on with him.

I started and am still reading The Birth of the Pill: How Four Crusaders Reinvented Sex and Launched a Revolution, by Jonathan Eig. It’s interesting, but a little repetitive in parts.

And then I’ll pick up something else today but I haven’t decided what to read yet.

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Fevre Dream by George R.R. Martin

My partner recommended this to me awhile back...finally decided to pick it up at the library. Enjoying the story so far.

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Reading Fevre Dream, by George R.R. Martin as my Halloween read and listening to The Godfather, by Mario Puzo on my commute.

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The Orphan Train, by Christina Baker Kline This is for my book club. I ended up starting and finishing it in one night, not because the book was particularly captivating but because my insomnia was really bad. Fevre Dream, by George R R Martin Kind of weird. Nothing like ASOIAF. Normally I don't like vampire or thriller stuff but I liked this one okay. An Ember in the Ashes, by Sabaa Tahir Light weight fantasy. Enjoyable if you're in need of something rollicking.