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John E. Douglas, Mark Olshaker
Discover the classic, behind-the-scenes chronicle of John E. Douglas’ twenty-five-year career in the FBI Investigative Support Unit, where he used psychological profiling to delve into the minds of th...

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Currently reading Mindhunter: Inside the FBI Elite Serial Crime Unit, by John Douglas & Mark Olshaker.

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Finished: Mindhunter by John E. Douglas Read this a chapter a night, which worked well for the format. Not the most well written, but it was entertaining. Remains of The Day by Kazuo Ishiguro This was a great, relatively short read. It's very subtle, but never boring. Started: Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer Only a couple pages in, but it seems interesting so far. I'm excited to finish it so I can see the movie.

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Mindhunter, by John E. Douglas My first foray into true crime, and I really enjoyed it. The first couple of chapters in which he is boastfully describing himself and his accomplishments had me rolling my eyes, but once he begins to get into the cases he worked on as a behavior scientist/criminal profiler, I couldn't put it down. Ended up finishing it in one day.

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Mindhunter, by John Douglas I'm loving this one, I wish it was longer. I love reading about all his cases and the thinking that goes on behind profiling someone.

Born in Africa, The Quest for the Origins of Human Life, by Martin Meredith Same! It's only 200 pages, I wish there was more. Learning about how early hominids were being discovered and timelined, how new technology helped date fossils, it's great!

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The Riverman: Ted Bundy and I Hunt for the Green River Killer, by Robert D. Keppel

Hidden Bodies, by Caroline Kepnes


Mindhunter, by John E. Douglas

Loved it! Took me a while to finish because I got distracted by starting and finishing like 4 other books, but every time I picked it up I didn’t want to put it down. I’m excited to read more books by Douglas. And also excited to watch the Netflix series now.

Sexual Homicide: Patterns and Motives, by Robert K. Ressler, John E. Douglas & Ann Burgess

Interesting especially reading it immediately after Mindhunter and whilst reading The Riverman. This book is literally mentioned by name in the Riverman, which amused me when I read it. I think it’s good for anyone who wants to learn more about sexual crimes and how they profile violent offenders and murderers, but it’s basically a long report designed for people who actually interact with victims or offenders. There’s interesting advice on how victims should/could respond to an offender depending on his actions and reactions that I’m surprised isn’t discussed more when it comes to the mental experience of rape and what you can do if you find yourself in that scenario. It was interesting for sure, but I’m also glad it’s over so I can read something lighter.

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Mindhunter, by John Douglas

The Netflix series got me interested; the book is fascinating.

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The Outsider, by Stephen King

I really enjoyed this one! It hooked me in right from the beginning and had a hard time putting it down. The beginning is a little graphic and it was a bit easy to figure out what was going on (maybe because I've watched too much Supernatural), but overall I would recommend.

Mindhunter, by John Douglas

I'm a sucker for true crime and overall, I liked it - it was interesting to learn about the rise of profiling in the FBI and how it applied to real life cases. However, I cringed every time Douglas used the term the "ass pucker factor."

The Lost Plot, by Genevieve Cogman

This is the fourth book in Genevieve Cogman's really enjoyable The Invisible Library series. All the books are fun, easy reads. If you like Jasper Fforde, I'd recommend these books.

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Finished Mindhunter, by John Douglas.** I read it because my wife is pretty big on true crime but it just reinforced that I'm not a big fan of Non-Fiction. The book itself was good and insightful though.

Started Deadmen Walking, by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I haven't read any of the Dark Hunter books, so there are some references that are lost on me, but overall the book has been really good. I'll be finishing this one today and starting on the second book later today.

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Finished: Gwendy's Button Box by Stephen King & Richard T. Chizmar. Started: Mindhunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit by John E. Douglas & Mark Olshaker

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I started:

YOU, by Caroline Kepnes

Edit: Finished! I enjoyed it. I could just be easily swayed by attractive men (likely) but Joe in the book feels a lot more sinister from the get go. His perversion and obsession and misogyny is more prominent in the book than the show, imo. His mood swings and rationalisation of his insanity give his perversion more depth than I think the show did. He feels more dangerous.

That being said, the show did stick fairly closely to the book and I think what was changed really had to be and made sense for it to work as a TV show. I think I prefer the book because of the darker feel, but it’s not a clear winner.

I’m going to finish, even if it kills me:

Mindhunter, by John Douglas