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Saga Vol. 1
Brian K. Vaughan
When two soldiers from opposite sides of a never-ending galactic war fall in love, they risk everything to bring a fragile new life into a dangerous old universe. From bestselling writer B...

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Comment from [Reddit user] with 13 upvotes on /r/books/

I had a very productive reading time and chose a bunch of good book too. This is what I read:

Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier - many people told me that I would enjoy this book immensely and it was true. Not even the book caught me completely, it also did have great atmosphere and I almost felt myself being dragged inside Manderley. Definitely one of the best books out there.

Prisons We Choose to Live Inside by Doris Lessing

Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic by Alison Bechdel

Saga part 1 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

They are made out of meat by Terry Bisson

And I will be reading Red Seas Under Red Skies (Locke Lamora 2) by Scott Lynch

Comment from [Reddit user] with 7 upvotes on /r/books/

I finished The Sellout, by Paul Beatty. I do not tend to enjoy reading satire so wasn't sure I would like it. I was enjoying it at the start and it genuinely is funny. However after I got to halfway I was getting a bit bored with it and was more than ready for it to end.

I also finished Saga Volume 1, by Brian K Vaughan and Saga Volume 2, by Brian K Vaughan which are graphic novels which I really enjoyed. The art work is excellent and the artist makes great use of what I call "splash pages" where you turn the page and there is a full page painting of a new monster/alien or a battle scene. I got the next 3 volumes from the library so I will get through those this week.

I started Ringworld, by Larry Niven which has been on my list for a while. I am about halfway through and I am definitely enjoying it. The characters are interesting and the descriptions of Ringworld are very imaginative and made me feel that I was exploring Ringworld like the characters were. I googled Ringworld and found there is a huge online community dedicated to Ringworld and it was nice to see some artwork of the characters and locations in the book.

I expect to finish Ringworld in the next couple of days then I will start The tattooist of Auschwitz, by Heather Morris as my local library has a copy available which I will pick up tonight if it isn't snapped up before I get there.

Comment from [Reddit user] with 7 upvotes on /r/books/

I finished:

Telegraph Avenue, by Michael Chabon

I didn't like it very much. The text was nicely written but ultimately the story was pretty thin and uninteresting.

Started reading:

Evidence of Things Unseen, by Marianne Wiggins

A hundred pages in and I like the book so far.

And I read:

Saga: Vol 4, by Fiona Staples & Brian K. Vaughan

It was a while since I read Saga and damn these comics are a lot of fun!

Comment from [Reddit user] with 6 upvotes on /r/books/

Finished since last week:

Wool Omnibus Edition, by Hugh Howley - I'm still a little torn. This was good, but felt like it took a while (like the first couple of novellas worth) to get going. Not sure I'd read more in this world if there was a sequel. I know there's some prequels but I'm not entirely interested.

Saga Volume 6, by Brian K. Vaughn - This continues to be excellent. As I'm getting close to catching up to what has been released I'm starting to get a bit concerned about having to wait years and years to finish it. I think they've got 9 volumes complete now and that has taken about 6 years or so. And having seen something that Vaughn intends for this to end up at around 20 volumes's going to be a while. And I'm impatient because this is just so good. Great characters, development that feels worthwhile, yet at the same time you know there's so much more to go.


Perdido Stree Station, by China Mieville - Good so far (about 8 chapters in), with some very interesting world building.

Comment from [Reddit user] with 4 upvotes on /r/books/

Finished since last week:

The Blade Itself, by Joe Abercrombie - I liked the shifting through characters and how Glokta gets a little internal dialogue while no one else really does. Looking forward to the rest of these as the set up is really good so far.

The Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius 1, by Judd Winick

The Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius 2.0, by Judd Winick

The Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius 3, by Judd Winick

The Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius 4: Gorilla Warfare, by Judd Winick

These were all a reread and it had been a decade or so since the last time I read them. They're quite short (three comics each, as opposed to a lot of modern collections that will do 6 issues each), but they are still ridiculously funny and well written.

Saga, Volume 4, by Brian K. Vaughn This is so good. So incredibly good.

The Ghost Brigades, by John Scalzi I loved the first book, and while this is in the same universe and follows up on some aspects of the story it's more of another chapter in that universe than a direct sequel. That's fine and makes me want to read the next book or two as well, but it has its own characters and events that expand the universe and start painting with slightly broader strokes.

Currently reading:

Consider Phlebas, by Iain M. Banks Just started this and only got a couple chapters in, but the premise is quite interesting, and certainly haven't seen an opening chapter like that before.

Comment from [Reddit user] with 3 upvotes on /r/books/

Didn't get a chance to post last week as I was traveling. Which meant some days of no reading, and then some with a good amount (train rides, plane rides, etc). So since my last post two weeks ago I have finished:

Redshirts, by John Scalzi - Fun and amusing, though I don't think I loved it as much as some. Still a fairly quick and worthwhile read.

The Obelisk Gate, by N.K. Jemisin - book two was just as good as book one, if not better. The world and character building picked up where one left off and this book was absolutely beautiful.

Saga Vol. 1, by Brian K. Vaughn - This kept coming up in my goodreads recommendations so I gave it a shot. I loved it and immediately borrowed book two, and am now waiting for 3.

Down Among The Sticks And Bones, by Seanan McGuire - 2018 Hugo Nominee for novella, this wasn't a direct sequel but more a prequel to the first one. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Fills in the back story of some characters from the first book, but could also act as a standalone.

Saga Vol. 2, by Brian K. Vaughn - keeps the story going, excellent writing and plotting. Can't wait for volume three to be ready to borrow.

Anya's Ghost, by Vera Borgsol - another one that kept popping up in my goodreads recommendations. The story was good and the way it develops and changes through the different sections kept it interesting.

Raven Stratagem, by Yoon Ha Lee - 2018 Hugo novel nominee, book 5/6 for me on that list. Like the first book this is unapologetically tough at times and certainly requires having read the first book. I really enjoyed the development of the world and how even more is fleshed out. I'll certainly be getting book three at some point to see how it all plays out.

Currently reading:

The Stone Sky, by N.K. Jemisin - The final book for me from the 2018 Hugo novel nominees. Just started this but it has been great so far. Things are starting to weave together that have been set up throughout the first two books and the world and characters continue to get more detailed and nuanced.

Comment from [Reddit user] with 2 upvotes on /r/books/


Saga Vol. 3, by Brian K. Vaughan Fiona Staples.

Comment from [Reddit user] with 1 upvotes on /r/books/


Saga: Volume 3, by Brian K. Vaughan

Saga: Volume 4, by Brian K. Vaughan

As of right now I haven't started but I intend to:

The Woodlanders, by Thomas Hardy

Assassin's Apprentice, by Robin Hobb

Saga: Volume 5, by Brian K. Vaughan

If Golden Son by Pierce Brown arrives before the end of the week, I may pick that up and dive back in. I finished it last week and I cannot wait to dive back into that world.